Melissa Wood

Responsible AI/S Technology Consultant


I am passionate about the intersection of technology innovation and sociology and am seeking opportunities to collaborate with individuals or organisations that share my values and interest in using technology for the greater good. Specifically, I am focused on Ethical AI/S (Artificial Intelligence / Autonomous Solutions) and disrupting data-sharing models through verifiable credentials and decentralised data. I prioritise person-centric design and believe in continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning.

I am deeply interested in socio-technical assurance for AI/S solutions or services. My earnest desire is to contribute in a meaningful way to the responsible and ethical integration of AI/S into our society and economy.

BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal

SolidUK Community Interest Company

SolidUK C.I.C. was established in early 2023 to address the growing need for better personal data protection in today's Internet-dependent World. Community engagement revealed a demand for a leader and facilitator who could inspire community efforts to support the adoption of Solid (Social Linked Data) technologies. Structured as a Community of Practice, SolidUK aims to create a cross-sector pre-competitive market for both B2B and B2C ecosystems in the UK and its regions. It also aims to open the market to SMEs and grassroots organisations. The current focus is on community growth, partner relationships, use case development, and community-led technical Pods (Personal Online Data Store) infrastructure.

Let's Talk

I'm always interested to meeting new people, contact me if you would like to know more. I seek exciting opportunities related to policy or ethics with a focus of Responsible AI/S.

Or, if you would like to know how SolidUK can help.

Email me to arrange a chat.

Key Professional Highlights:

  • BSI - Editorial Chair, 30440 Validation framework for the use of AI within healthcare. A British Standard specifying requirements for the development of safe, effective, and ethical healthcare AI products.
  • NWAS (NorthWest Ambulance Service) - Business Process Analysis artefacts contributing towards an NHS National Blueprint for Urgent & Emergency Care (UEC) Interoperability.
  • techUK - Working Group Member; AI Assurance / Digital Ethics.

BBC Consultancy:

  • BBC World Service - providing insight of media manipulation, fake news & the challenges facing journalists. Locations: Serbia, London, Manchester.
  • BBC Bitesize - providing career inspiration to 1000's of school students around what kind of new jobs exist in response to new technology. Locations: National, UK
  • BBC Young Reporters - providing focused career insight and providing first-hand experience to students about new ways to creating digital content in response to the changing consumption of digital content by audience. Locations: Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, London

Public Speaking: